Depression Counseling

You may be thinking, “Aren’t we all a little depressed?” Terms like depression are commonly tossed around to depict a general feeling of sadness. It might be time to talk when most days you feel there is a heavy cloud weighing you down. You may feel as though getting out of the bed in the morning is impossible, and completing everyday tasks is getting harder by the minute. Whether your these moments are fleeting or chronic, depression counseling can help find the answers you’re searching for. Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • I feel disconnected and alone.
  • I don’t deserve the love of my partners or friends.
  • I feel like I have nobody that I can talk to that will understand.
  • Things that once made me happy no longer bring me joy.
  • I have no appetite or I eat everything in my path.
  • Sometimes, I use drugs, food, or alcohol to keep going.
  • I have lost a loved one, and I can’t move on.
  • I am too tired to do anything. It’s hard for me to complete my daily tasks.
  • I have difficulty sleeping or sleep all of the time.
  • It’s difficult to be around other people.
  • I cry all of the time.
  • I feel like I am losing my relationships with my loved ones.
  • I sometimes wish I wouldn’t wake up in the morning.

Depression can affect how you feel, think, and interact with others as well as cause feelings of sadness. Sometimes, you might feel guilty and become angry at yourself for not finding the small joys in everyday life.

I’m here for you.

Together, we will develop a strategy to tackle the pesky daily obstacles and prove to yourself that You Can Do This. Your emotional health and vitality could improve significantly through our counseling sessions once you see what effects small changes can have. Let’s begin to understand and work through the underlying causes of depression and develop invaluable coping strategies to manage your symptoms and/or move forward with trauma. You deserve to regain your sense of control and pleasure in life.

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